Electrophoretic drug delivery for seizure control

Journal: Science Advances

Authors: C. M. Proctor and G. G. Malliaras et al.

Affiliation: The University of Cambridge (UK)

Publication date: 2018.08.29

Summarized by Inyeol Yun


– Topics
v. Neural probes incorporation an ion pump for on-demand drug delivery and   electrodes for recording local neural activity. (Fig. 1)
v. Seizure-like events (SLE) were induced by local injection of 4-aminopryridine (4AP)
v. γ-aminobutryic acid (GABA) inhibit neural activity.


<Fig. 1>

v. Gold electrode: ion pump source electrode, PEDOT:PSS electrode : recording   electrophysiological activity (Fig. 2)


<Fig. 2>

– Results
v. Ion transfer efficiency: ~10-3 nmol of GABA transported in few seconds (Fig. 3)


<Fig. 3>

  v. Seizure control (Fig. 4)


<Fig. 4>